Katie and Cory

How we met...

We met where everyone else meets…at work, of course! While working in the same building at San Diego Gas and Electric, Cory immediately noticed Katie. She worked on the complete opposite side of the building, but luckily for him, Cory played golf with one of Katie’s coworkers. Cory would find any excuse to make the long walk to Katie’s side of the building to try and get her attention. That same coworker could see right through Cory and knew his motives, so he set up group lunches where Cory could get some face time with Katie.

Eventually, when the time was right, Cory asked Katie to lunch with just him, like a real adult…Completely unaware of what would come of an innocent lunch at a local sandwich shop, it became clear to Cory that he wanted (see: needed) to spend more time with Katie. The relationship was strengthened by many trips together and traveling to amazing places. From ski trips to destination weddings in Hawaii and Ireland we both have a passion for travel and cannot wait to see where our next trip will be.
Jennifer Postorino